Mahtaab Gostar International

Mahtaab Gostar International FZE (MGI)

MGI has been established by the aim of dynamic presence in electricity business arena and has special focus on Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity. Even though

MGI is a newly established company,its management team members are electricity industry veterans and they are committed to creating a company marked by excellence.

MGI is a company with investment in power generation and supply as well as comprehensive energy services providing equipments and services to power plants and refineries in region and neighboring countries. Furthermore, the company also searches for other good opportunities for growth in the energy sector related to the core business.

MGI is going to provide the needs of an economy that demands more and cleaner sources of electricity. Rapid load growth in the electricity sector,is requiring in the Middle East to invest billions of dollars in enhancing the capacity for generating, transmitting and distributing electricity. Over the last decade, the region has experienced sustained growth rates in electricity consumption of over 6% per year with some economies such as Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE experiencing even higher growth rates.

Considering such a level of increase in consumption, drawing upon private sector's resources would be the Middle East's sole feasible option. In this regard, MGI started his serious effort to invest in construction and operation of power plants on BOO and BOT basis as well as performing the project as an EPC contractor.

Mahtaab Gostar International FZE stands for power generation Company Objectives
:: Supply and trade of Electrical equipment and spare parts of power plants, transmission and distribution installations
:: Supply and trade of Oil and Gas equipment and spare parts
:: Investment in construction of power plant on BOO basis